Best 7 Ways To Increase Your Ad Conversion in eCommerce PPC


If you also use Facebook and Instagram, you need to know how to run ads and generate revenue. You can get customers from social media ad campaigns which will help your business grow and build trust.

Paid ads may be frustrating and even time-consuming. So by reading this article, we will help you increase Return on Investment and improve conversion rate with some PPC tips.

What is PPC?

PPC, also known as Google ads, is a technical way to approach people and get leads with a limited budget and time. When you participate in any Ad campaign, the Google algorithm starts working, and it shows your ads to the targeted region and targeted audience.

Increase Your Ad Conversion in eCommerce

E-Commerce PPC tips

You must have a strategy and monthly plans ready to improve the paid media conversion rate for PPC ads and convert your visitors into customers. Let us know some practical tips to build your E-Commerce store online.

1. Select long-tail keywords

Short tail keywords are highly competitive, but if you use Idea long-tail keywords with high volume and low competition, that would be the best decision.

Getting your ad to rank is difficult, but you can conduct research for the best keywords and avoid broad tail keywords.

Long-tail keywords are more accessible to rank because of the low competition. You can refer to some e-commerce SEO tools for a proper keyword research study.

2. Show ads at the right time

The main element of marketing includes showing the ads to the targeted people at a particular time. Conduct research and service to know about your most active audience on the advertisement platform.

After conducting research, have an ad schedule by considering your audience. Directly don’t get started with the paid search. After analyzing reports, find the time of highest audience performance and cut your ad schedule again to save money.

Check Google ad analytics, Bing ads, and AdWords for humans to understand how your target audience may change behavior throughout those months.

Look at the sales in a particular season and how it drops to have a clear idea about the prediction of demand change in the market.

3. Write interesting headlines to improve CTR

Headlines are the first impression when your ads appear before any customer. So it’s essential to write them correctly. With Google search ads, you can get attractive headlines with a 30 character limit through which you can capture people’s attention.

So let us know how to create winning headlines in a simple way.

Test different headlines to see which one source is perfect. Review your ads campaign to see which one drives high traffic to your site. Don’t work only for your business but know about all your customers’ needs then you can easily understand what product to design.

Include keywords in the headline by making it straightforward.

4. On-page SEO

On the page, SEO is the most crucial element for Digital marketing. SEO is the first important step to build and grow your business. You can increase your sales through PPC email marketing campaigns and creating funnels to get leads.

You can get SEO Servicesfrom Digital Marketing Agency or SEO expert.

Your online presence and website should be well optimized and SEO friendly to organically reach many people.

Optimize the landing page of your website

The landing page of your website will create a first impression in the visitor’s mind. Make sure your landing page is simple, and it loads fast. Your ad should match your landing page, which will create a focused impact on the user experience. Make sure your audience knows everything about your business through this landing page.

Your website landing page should be easy to understand, well separated, and formatted like any other professional site.

For SEO and Sales, you can create funnels:

With the help of funnels, you can easily convert your visitors into customers. For this, you need to add a quick call to action button on your site and ads. Visitors should not be confused about where to go and avail of the offer. You can also create a sales funnel by adding a call to action button on site.

5. Build a negative keyword list

Negative keywords are those keywords you don’t want to rank your site. You can avoid displaying your ads for particular keywords. Perform a Google search for your niche keyboards and identify the long tail and favourable keywords. If any keyword is unrelated or does not convert your visitors to customers, you can add them to the negative keywords list.

6. Use extensions

Ad extensions can give detailed knowledge about the market, customers, and your business. An extension gives significant value and helps rank your ad and display it on the Google search engine.

7. Adjust location settings

You can target any audience from any location. Adjust your location setting so that your ads will be shown only in a particular area. Through Google AdWords, you can add your IP address on GPS location to meet the criteria of showing your ads in a particular region.

You can start your business with a general audience nearby your area and rapidly expand your business. If you have an online ECommerce store, you can expand your business by adjusting the location setting to two larger radii.


Let your customers know that you also provide offers and discounts on some products and services. This will help you to get more sales and trust. You can make better results from this strategy and place ads on social media about the offer. Mention the limited period and products for your offer.

The above-discussed E-Commerce PPC tips will help you analyze and optimize your ads and generate money. Through this idea, you can increase your ROI and expand your business.


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