How to choose the best Live Event Streaming Company?

choose the best Live Event Streaming Company

The sphere of events industry has over-time inclined more towards the feature of live streaming and broadcasting the events. It is not just because of the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic as the concept of live streaming was already booming. Presently, the events industry is packed with various live event streaming companies. Also, the most advanced events live streaming services render the users with unique sets of features and tools to enhance your event broadcast. However, choosing the best live streaming service provider can be a bit of a task. It is so because the quality of a live streaming platform can either make or break your event.

Therefore, in this blog, we will help you comprehend: how to pick the right live event streaming company to broadcast your event. Mentioned below are the vital steps you must take before choosing a live event streaming platform.

5 Steps to Picking the Right Live Event Streaming Company

5 Steps to Picking the Right Live Event Streaming Company

#1 Predefine Your Goals

Predefine your aim and goals behind arranging the event live streaming. Not just this, but also determine the precise purposes of the online event. This step will assist you in getting a clear idea of the event and further assist you in the planning & execution process. In addition, it will also facilitate you with a perception of the needed features during the event live streaming.

#2 Determine Your Budget

The next step before you pick a live streaming platform is to determine your event budget. Defining the budget to organize an event live stream will assist you to choose the platform accordingly. However, an effective live streaming platform presents the users with scalability features to help them select the features & tools on the basis of their budget.

#3 Plan and Strategize the Live Streaming Event

Moving forward, plan and strategize the virtual event sessions, content, design, and flow. Preparing for each component of the event streaming will help you gain a clear understanding of the needed event live streaming platform tools and features.

#4 Fix Your Needs & Requirements

Based on the preceding steps, ascertain all your live event streaming requirements. Generate a list of everything to further assure a smooth process of choosing a suitable live event streaming platform. Also, incorporate specific interactive, networking, and engagement tools to have a definite goal in mind while selecting the right platform.

#5 Contact the Event Live Streaming Platforms

Get in touch with the most renowned live event streaming platforms and pick the one that befits your specifications the best. A high-level live streaming platform is one that is well-resourced with several interactive, engaging, and networking tools, allowing you to organize a matchless event live streaming. Explore the prime features to look for in a live streaming service to host a successful event broadcast.

10 Key Features to Look for in a Live Event Streaming Company

Key Features to Look for in a Live Event Streaming Company

#1 360-Degree Streaming

The 360-degree streaming feature adds more value to your event. Also, it assists you to keep your participants engaged in the live event streaming by capturing their attention with an extraordinary virtual experience. The 360-degree feature is still new in the live event streaming market, but the most efficient platforms have already begun using it. Therefore, choose a service that renders you with this feature as it can help you create a whole new & exciting experience for your global attendees.

#2 Monetization Feature

There are circumstances when your audience is willing to pay for the event live streaming and in some instances, this is a vital activity too. One of the many techniques to monetize the event content is to use the pay-per-view format. The audience is also inclined to spend on the event content that streams without ads. Hence, the monetization feature can be of great advantage for any corporate live streaming.

#3 Powerful CDN or Content Delivery Network

A powerful content delivery network is another notable facility given by a live event streaming company. A live online event streaming means the organizer is targeting a global audience viewing the broadcast from diverse remote locations. So, strong network connectivity plays a prominent role to ensure successful live streaming. A robust CDN allows you to share heavy multimedia through the live stream at a fast pace. It also facilitates you to reach countless viewers with top-notch potency.

#4 Multi-Device Compatibility

The live stream can be accessed by the audience from anywhere across the globe. Hence, it also means that your audience may be using varied devices to access the online event. Hence, guarantee that the live streaming company you choose renders efficient multi-device compatibility.

#5 End-to-end customer support

With technical event aspects comes the possibility of errors and glitches. Not just this but as the concept of live streaming can be new to the user, they might require assistance and guidance before, during, and after the event. Therefore, ensure that the live streaming service you choose provides 24*7 customer support.

#6 Flexible Customization Features

The most skilled and advanced live streaming platforms come well-equipped with the capability of customizing your live event streaming the way you aspire. The feature of adjustable customization gives you the possibility to design your event on the basis of your event themes & sponsorship goals.

#7 Customized Branding

The feature of customized branding is one of the most beneficial tools provided by a live streaming service. Collaborating with a professional live streaming service, you get this feature that enables branding purposes over the screen or broadcast itself. For corporate live streaming, this tool can be of extraordinary use.

#8 Access Controls

Access control is another essential feature to assure the smooth flow & execution of your live event streaming. By using this feature, the organizer can manage the event tools to avoid any mischievous or disturbing activity during the event streaming.

#9 Interactive Tools

Interactivity is the most prerequisite feature that can determine the success possibilities of any virtual event, meeting, or webinar. Following are some of the most power-efficient interactive tools:

  • Live Polls
  • 1:1 and group chat
  • Live Q&A sessions
  • Multi-format communication

#10 Parallel Multi-Platform Streaming

Multi-platform is yet another significant tool provided by an advanced live streaming service. This feature not only adds more value to your event but also maximizes participation. It is so because, with the help of parallel multi-platform streaming, you can reach your target audience on different platforms.

Choose a suitable live event streaming company and organize exceptional virtual event streaming!


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